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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am an organized, slightly OCD fifth grade teacher and blog stalker. Even though most of my ideas are taken from someone else, I wanted to start a blog that is a compilation of these creations. There isn't one specific topic that this blog will cover, there will be teacher stuff, life happenings, and random thoughts... a hodgepodge of mumble jumble, if you will!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

good news in a quick post...

So... what was the most exciting thing that happened to you this weekend?? I'll go first! I got engaged!!!! That's right, my precious boyfriend FINALLY popped the question! I said yes, of course :) I will for sure post pics and stories later! This blog may take a drastic turn from all about teaching stuff to all about wedding stuff here soon! Soooo excited!

On to my challenge: favorite management tool. My favorite management tool would have to be the clip chart that is pictured below in the classroom pics post. It's so easy and effective. I have found that on the days that I really try to catch kids doing the right thing, everyone else catches on and I suddenly have a class with no behavior issues!! It's wonderful! I know everyone does it differently, but in my class if you get on parent contact OR on outstanding, it is written in the student's planner so I can keep a record of it. If they get to outstanding, they get a sticker on their clip and a piece of candy. Once they have 5 stickers on their clip, they get a fishbowl coupon and their clip gets put into the "hall of fame." If they get above outstanding one day, I will wear their clip on my shirt or lanyard. Since pretty much our whole school has adopted this system, it's easy to compliment the students who are doing a great job when you see their teacher with his/her clips on them. What is your favorite management tool??

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