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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am an organized, slightly OCD fifth grade teacher and blog stalker. Even though most of my ideas are taken from someone else, I wanted to start a blog that is a compilation of these creations. There isn't one specific topic that this blog will cover, there will be teacher stuff, life happenings, and random thoughts... a hodgepodge of mumble jumble, if you will!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

LOTS of classroom pics!

So, as promised... here are lots of classroom pictures from this year. I decided not to do a theme this year because I have found sooo many cute things on Pinterest that I wanted to do, none of which were connected enough to create a them. So the theme is just pinteresty cute things :) Enjoy!

The first couple of days of school, my class came up with a list of things we DID do instead of the normal do NOT list. Every kid signed the poster to show they would do these things. This was completely done by the kids and I was so impressed with some of the things they came up with.

This is a really bad picture of my oh so cute reading center. I will get a better picture, because this doesn't do it justice!

Here are my math and science boards. In my room, I virtually have NO wall space for anchor charts or anything else, so I'm going to try using these boards this year for my anchor charts and other things we do throughout the year in math and science.

Computer table with a cutesy skirt around it so I can hide junk under it.... tricky tricky!

Of course I have my Essential 55 posted!! Love me some Ron Clark! :)

Here is my CAFE board. I'm going to hang the strategies on the ribbon.

Behavior clip chart.

These are above my whiteboard. All of the EOG terms will go up here once they are discussed.

I totally stole this idea from my cooperating teacher when I was student teaching. I say "super focus" and the kids look at me with wide eyes. I tell that if they are super focused, nothing can take away their concentration. They LOVE it!!!

I have all of my word wall words for math and science on these nice flippable (yes it's a word in my world) poster format. I love not having to change the words each unit!

Another idea I stole from my cooperating teacher is fishbowl coupons. There are tickets inside with "prizes" on them. The kids love this too! :)

This is the check in area. All homework and papers are turned in in the labeled folders stapled on the board. Also, my calendar is a framed piece of scrapbook paper that is changed with dry erase marker. Saves a ton of room!

Each day, I pick a boy helper and a girl helper. I made this sign on vistaprint and glued cut off sheet protectors on the sign so the helpers can be easily changed out. I write the daily jobs on the index card beside the names as a reminder.

Lunch count and lunch tags.

Writing board. With their clips (not shown in this picture), students move the clip to where they are in the writing process. This also helps me know who I need to conference with.

Another stolen idea (I'm starting to see a trend) from my cooperating teacher is "mystery envelope." Each time the whole class does something good, they get a letter of envelope. Once the word is spelled out, the class gets to draw out of the envelope to get a treat.

I always tell my students to dream big (from Ron Clark), this is just my reminder to them that stays above the Smart Board.

My version of the bored board found on pinterest.

Pledge of Success is said every morning after the pledge to the flag. This was stolen again from my cooperating teacher, but it's origin was a Sports Illustrated magazine. Sign from vistaprint

Drawers with laminated scrapbook dry erase labels.

Labeled math manipulatives.

All of the math manipulatives.

My desk organizer.

Easel for guided reading made with a framed piece of scrapbook paper.

My picture board and spray painted cookie sheet for notes and pictures.

And last but not least... my dirty little secret!! Looks like a map to me...

But, really it hides all my junk from the world. I know, I know, I'm sneaky!! :)

That's all of my classroom! If you have any questions about anything, please ask! I will be going into more detail about some of my organization tips later this week. Have a fabulous four day week!! :)


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Your classroom is adorable. I'm a 5th grade teacher as well! Can't wait to keep up with your updates!

  2. loe your room and your blog! Could you go into a little more detail about what kinda of rewards are in your fish bowl?

  3. Thanks Jordan!! I'm glad you're here :)
    Laura... My kids LOVE fish bowl coupons. I like to use free things so I have things like sit with a friend at lunch, sit anywhere for a day, read to a younger class, sit in teacher's chair, free computer time, homework pass, halvsies (only complete 1/2 of an assignment, good phone call home, get out of trouble free card, choose a 5 minute game for the class to play, choose the station for today (during guided reading), write with an ink pen for the day, play a Smart Board game, recess with another class, and of course I have things like ice cream from the cafeteria, bubble gum, and candy. I like to keep it simple and cheap. :)