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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am an organized, slightly OCD fifth grade teacher and blog stalker. Even though most of my ideas are taken from someone else, I wanted to start a blog that is a compilation of these creations. There isn't one specific topic that this blog will cover, there will be teacher stuff, life happenings, and random thoughts... a hodgepodge of mumble jumble, if you will!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

playing catch up

So... it's almost Friday and lemme tell you... the weekend CAN NOT come fast enough!! It's been an insane week!! Whew. So all of this blogging I told myself I was going to do obviously hasn't happened. Although, this is my second post in a week. Be proud. :)

Topics to cover:
1. Guided reading stations: At our school we do a mixture of Jan Richardson's Guide to Guided Reading and the Daily 5. Since we are pressured to up our testing scores I am requiring my kids to read 40 straight each day to build their stamina for the EOG. I have made my rotations so that each group will meet with me, the reading specialist, go to a station, and then read silently for 40 minutes. We do one station a day. It will either be listening center, computer station (my kids are going to be blogging!! Go to kidsblog.org), buddy reading, or word work. To transition my kids to their next activity, I have a powerpoint set up with all of the group names and their assignment for their rotation. The powerpoint is set to chime and change every 20 minutes. When the students hear the chime, they move on to their next activity. It works well because it also keeps me on track with time.

2. Work work activities: I found some really awesome word work games last year on ProTeacher that works a lot with parts of speech. Go here to find them. They all come with cards and game boards as well as a set of instructions so you don't have to do any of that stuff!! Also, since science is such a big focus in fifth grade, we do a lot of science vocabulary games like concentration or guess my word during word work as well.

3. Math materials for small group instruction: I'm not really sure what to do here... I was hoping someone could help a sista out in this area. I have a lot of math manipulatives in my classroom, I'm lucky to be working at a school that sees a need and the need is met! I always have my math materials easily accessible for the kids and they can use them anytime as long as they are problem solving!

On a side note... setting a date for the wedding is stressful.


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