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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am an organized, slightly OCD fifth grade teacher and blog stalker. Even though most of my ideas are taken from someone else, I wanted to start a blog that is a compilation of these creations. There isn't one specific topic that this blog will cover, there will be teacher stuff, life happenings, and random thoughts... a hodgepodge of mumble jumble, if you will!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

read canvas

My most favorite summer project has definitely been my read canvas. One of my very first pins on Pinterest was this picture:
It was so simple, yet I thought it made such a statement. So, I got a canvas and some Christmas lights and went to town on making this baby:

All I did was paint the word "read" onto the canvas in a gray color, then I took an ink pen and poked holes in it from the back. I stuck the Christmas lights in and hot glued them to make sure they would stay. Easy as pie!!

I can't wait to get this in my classroom! :)

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