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Hi, I'm Ashley. I am an organized, slightly OCD fifth grade teacher and blog stalker. Even though most of my ideas are taken from someone else, I wanted to start a blog that is a compilation of these creations. There isn't one specific topic that this blog will cover, there will be teacher stuff, life happenings, and random thoughts... a hodgepodge of mumble jumble, if you will!
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

i have a sickness

Wednesday was the first day I could get into my classroom... and I forgot my camera :(
My goal was to get all of my furniture in place and focus on organizing and decorating next week. I didn't want to spend all day at school since it was my "official" last day of summer. But since I've been in my classroom, all I want to do is go back and organize and decorate. I must have a sickness!! I mean, who wants summer to end?? My project for this weekend is to work on my bucket seats for my guided reading tables. This picture from Pinterest is what inspired me:

I will post pictures when I'm done and I will most definitely take pictures of my classroom and post them next week.

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